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It’s Official: Lake Michigan College Social Media Webinars for Local Businesses

When Lake Michigan College expressed interest in teaching small business and entrepreneurs how to use social media marketing, we wasted no time in organizing four low cost webinars on the the topics of Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Together with LMC, who is hosting the event at the Bertrand Crossing Campus in Niles Michigan, we at  were keen to share our enthusiasm for this new communications channel and highlight the opportunities for organizations and businesses of all sizes and in a range of industries.
Managing Director Lizz Clarke said:
“We’ve been working with social media for some time now and have been delivering real benefits to our clients. We wanted to get involved with Social Media Day and know that there are still so many people who want to know more about social media but are uncertain where to start, or what will work best for their business. Our morning seminar will help to demonstrate how to integrate social media into a communications strategy, and offer case studies of successful projects as well as provide a chance for delegates to ask questions and share their experiences.”

We are finalizing the dates for the four events, so if live around the South Bend Indiana area, and you are interested in attending these social media webinars, contact Wayne Clayton @ – PH: 5764-514-5095

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  1. John says:

    Definitely interested. Hope I can make it.


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